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The Australian Window Cleaners Federation (AWCF) was established by a group of Australian window cleaners as a way of furthering information and professionalism within Australia. The logo is trademarked. It has been registered as a not for profit association. This website is the main avenue for members information, with links to everything a window cleaner requires. Over 100 pages of information. It will always be evolving and updated. Your annual, continual membership fee (just $2 a week) will enable the present committee the funds to run the website.


In the October 2010 Edition of the " American Window Cleaner" Grayson O'Connor, a Melbourne window cleaner was asked why he belonged to the AWCF for an article they were doing on Window Cleaning Associations. He said " I've been a member of the Australian Window Cleaning Federation since it started and joined because I knew that having my name on their website and their logo on mine would be good for business. Being a member of the AWCF has also been a learning experience as I can read and post articles through the website forum. There is also a heap of great articles to read in the Members area. I would recommend that other Australian Window Cleaners become members."


What do I get for my membership?

You have the opportunity to join your own professional group of fellow window cleaners. Their is a special area for classified advertisements where you can find extra staff or temporary help and a buy and sell area for businesses and equipment wanted and for sale. This is the first window cleaning organisation in the world that will allow members to freely advertise anything to do with their industry.  Suppliers and equipment links. Safety and ladder issues. Superannauation, insurance and workcover all explained and with some great deals from our sponsors. A massive amount of information on actual window cleaning. How to do builders cleans, do a stain removal treatment (SRT) and learn about the new waterfed pole systems (WFP) that are so popular overseas.

The  AWCF Newsletter is emailed monthly to all Members  and discusses the many issues that are relevant to anyone operating a window cleaning business. It informs Members of current changes to Workcover, Superannuation, Tax and associated matters.

Members will be posted  two vehicle decals.  You are able to download the AWCF logo from the website and freely use it in all your advertising.


The website Homepage will enable prospective customers to freely search for window cleaners in their area. Internet search engines put trade organisations very high on their searches. This will be an important marketing tool for your business to get new customers. Members will be encouraged to recommend the website to customers outside their working area.

Members are encouraged to submit photographs of themselves, their team in action or their vehicle. The Members Area has an easily managed upload facility. These will be used throughout the AWCF website, with your name and business name underneath. The home page will continually change. A great opportunity for free promotion.

This is a remarkable site for a weekly membership of just $2. You will easily increase your income as new customers will be able to find you, other members can recommend the website for customers not in their area and you can use the logo to really professionalize your business on all your stationary, advertising and vehicle. Join online using your credit card. Your credit card is fully encrypted by the National Australia Bank and  Thwart credit card security and is not recorded in the AWCF membership details.

  Once you have applied for and been accepted for membership, you will have immediate entry into the following informative sites, beginning with pages on window cleaning to more advanced information. Here is a quick summary to the over 100 pages on everything a window cleaner may require.



 Getting Started - How to enter the industry?

Franchises - Another way to start.

How to register a business name? - Business registration

Your Business Structure - Getting your ABN and ACN

Presentation - Look how others have sign written their vans

How to Clean Windows - Help is here. Skill training. Learn what professionals do

Winning quotes - Learn how to quote/tender and get work?

Cleaning storefronts - Shops fronts and how to get them.

Employment - Want a Traineeship, after help and jobs for the more experienced Free advertising

Businesses for sale/wanted - Moving on or up. Selling, expanding, retiring, Free advertising

Equipment - Start and use the best tools for higher earnings

How much do I Charge - Money.. know how to quote and how much to charge

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) - Legal requirements in Property Maintenance

Using Ladders - Know what is legal in your State and what's not. Does your insurance company cover you when using ladders? Each States OHSA

Return to Work - A legal requirement if you employ staff.

Health and Safety Policy - Know what this is?

Types of Glass - Know the differences: toughened, laminated and float glass

Builders Cleans - This is getting harder than ever before. What to do and how to do it? Is glass getting softer?

Staining - What causes it? How to remove it?

Highrise - What do you need and how do you do it?

Woman in our Industry - Australian female window cleaners have their own resource page.

Water Feed Poles/Pure water - Replace your ladders with this new exciting method. What is it?

Window Cleaning Software - Computers can help to make it easier. How?

Tax Time - What costs can you claim?

Corporate Membership (suppliers) - Help those who help the AWCF

Employing Staff- How to and what you must do

Workcover - Do you pay it for subcontractors?

Insurances - Just compare yours to what we've found. Public Liability.

Superannuation - Another legal requirement. Should you pay it for subcontractors?

Sexual Harassment - Do you employ staff?

Equal Opportunity - Who is responsible if your staff discriminate?

International Links - Want tax deductible travel to a trade show or cleaning conference overseas? We'll list them.

AWCF members - Who's a member?

AWCF logo - Your Federation logo will help your professional identity. Download your logo for all advertising.

Using the Logo- Examples of how to use it

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Answers available to FAQ. Updated with Forum information.

What's New - See what is being invented to make your job easier

WCO Photogragh of the Year Competition. Lots of interesting photographs Upload your photograghs. Ist prize $100

Forum - The hub of the AWCF. A free flow of information between professional window cleaners. Let's hear about what you do, how you do it and where. An interesting site for us all to share our knowledge.



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